Post Op

Post-Op Instructions

Tips to help with dental surgery recovery.

It is important to follow instructions after you have oral surgery to ensure proper healing and to avoid complications. As a rule of thumb, you should wait two hours after oral surgery before eating to let the anesthesia wear off. Trying to eat before this could result in soft tissue damage because you are not able to feel all of your mouth. The instructions found below are guidelines. After your oral surgery Dr. Mohn or his dental assistant will give you full instructions on how to properly recover.

Afterwards you will need to rest. Rest when you return home, but do not lie flat as this could prolong the bleeding, so prop your head up on a pillow when lying down. Dr. Mohn may prescribe pain medication. You can also use an ice pack to help minimize the pain.

You will be limited to soft foods* for a few days after oral surgery. Some recommended foods are:

  • Jell-O gelatin
  • Pudding
  • Yogurt
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Ice Cream
  • Thin Soups
  • …and other food you can eat without chewing

*Please be aware that you may experience sensitivity to cold foods.

Here are additional tips to help make recovery easier:

  • Avoid drinking through a straw for 24 hours.
  • Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 24 hours

If you have prolonged pain, bleeding, irritation, or don’t feel that the surgery site is healing properly, call Dr. Mohn’s office immediately at 816.858.2707.